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Router Point Types

Crecsent Points

1 Flute O Flute Crescent End
1 Flute O Flute Wiper Crescent
1 Flute Straight V Crescent

Crescent points are typically found on one flute router bits. They are good for both plunging, and flat bottom cutting.

Fishtail Points

2 Flute Straight Fishtail
2 Flute O Flute Fishtail
1 Flute Downcut Eccentric Relief

Fishtail points are the most commonly seen in the wood routing industry. They are perfect when a rigid plunge point is needed.

Endmill Points

2 Flute Straight Z end
3 Flute Downcut Mill End
4 Flute Downcut Eccentric Relief

Endmill points are most often found on 3 and 4 flute routers. They are good for achieving a smooth finish on a flat bottom surface, and are commonly used in the plastics routing industry.