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High Performance End Mills

From our impressive V4 and V5 variable helix end mills to our Axmills designed for aluminum our High Performance End Mill line has something to offer shops of every size.

Aluminum Endmills AXMILL
V4 Logo

V4 End Mills – Variable helix geometry greatly reduces harmonics leading to smoother running, faster feed rates. These tools are ideal for all roughing and finishing operations, offering long tool life and improved surface finishes.
Available with and without flats, in our PowerA (AlTiN) coating.

V5 Logo

V5 End Mills – Variable Helix, combination of extra flute, thicker core, and eccentrically ground relief leads these tools to be strong stable performers. Achieve rapid chatter-free aggressive stock removal.
Available with and without flats, in our PowerA (AlTiN) coating.

HY5 End Mills – High performing, broad spectrum semi-finisher/finisher. Outstanding in stainless steel, high temp alloys, mold steel up to 45Rc. 5 Flute, 45° Helix, eccentric grind provides a smooth cutting action with superb chip evacuation. 20% increase in productivity versus 4 fluted end mills. Minimal tool deflection equals better part tolerance. Coated with PowerA (AlTiN)

F45 Logo

F45 End Mills – 6 Flute, high performance finisher providing superb finishes in stainless steel, nickel alloys, inconels, titanium and more. 45° helix provides superb chip evacuation and excellent shearing action. Reduced load pressures and super stiff design promotes less chatter and the best performance in light finishing applications. Coated with PowerA (AlTiN).

AxMill End Mills – High performance design for aggressive aluminum milling. Incorporates a high shear, high rake geometry. 2 and 3 flute, square end, corner radius, and ball end styles. Available in uncoated and PowerZ (ZrN) coating. Chipbreaker option where chip control or spindle horsepower is a concern.