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Fractional - Single Flute Downcut
O Flute Xtreme - Soft Plastic, Hard Plastic, Aluminum, General Wood

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1 Flute Downcut OFX

Our OFX line stands for ‘O’ Flute Xtreme and it’s a tool option that you should seriously consider.
OFX routers combine premium submicron carbide, a quicker helix, and a highly polished flute that guarantees you a sharper cutting edge, and enhanced flute lubricity for both superior chip evacuation and resistance to ‘Built Up Edge’ in a broad range of applications. The OFX series is available in a variety of coatings: PowerA, PowerDLC, PowerT, PowerZ, and now PowerN

Metric - Single Flute O Flute Xtreme

1 Flute Downcut OFX