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Tool Coatings

Mastercut Tool supports our proven cutting -tool geometries with a complete range of time-tested PVD coatings, including the very latest in multi-layer, nanocomposite options such as nACo and nACRo. Our commitment to leading edge technology equates to tooling with consistent, repeatable performance where it counts, at the spindle.


PowerT (Titanium Nitride, TiN)
Color: Gold
Vickers Hardness: approximately 2,300 Vickers
General purpose, entry level over uncoated carbide

PowerC (Titanium Carbon Nitride, TiCN)
Color: ranges from slight violet to brown-gray
Vickers Hardness: approximately 3,000 Vickers
Used on ferrous, non-ferrous and non-magnetic stainless steel
Good abrasion resistance, low heat resistance, for applications requiring low RPMs and high thrust

PowerA (Aluminum Titanium Nitride, AlTiN)
Color: Dark Gray
Vickers Hardness: approximately 3,600 Vickers
Nickel Alloys, Stainless Steel, Hardened Steels, Tool Steels, Cast Iron
An excellent broad spectrum grade. May be run in dry or minimum quantity lubrication applications, where heat can be a problem. Also handles light chip loads very well

PowerZ (Zirconium Nitride, ZrN)
Color: dull Gold
Vickers Hardness: approximately 2,800 Vickers
Outstanding on aluminum, including high silica aluminum. Can also be used on cast iron, stainless steels, titanium

PowerN (nACo) nano-composite (nc-AlTiN)/(a-Si³N⁴)
Color: varying shades of blue-gray; blue-based color dissipates immediately upon use.
Vickers Hardness: approximately 4,500 Vickers
Outstanding performance in superalloys, hard material machining, high heat applications and best when used with very rigid setup.

PowerNR (nACRo) nano-composite (nc-AlCrN/a-Si³N⁴)
Color: gray
Vickers Hardness: 4,000 Vickers
Outstanding in high heat applications, better resistance to shock and chipping than nACo, for tough, aggressive cutting applications.

PowerDLC (Diamond Like Carbon)
Color: variable gray to black
Vickers Hardness: approximately 4,000 Vickers
Non-ferrous metals, high silicone aluminum, copper, plastic, graphite, fiberglass or reinforced plastics
Can be applied to any carbide substrate

PowerRD (Real Diamond)
Color: variable gray to black
Vickers Hardness: approximately 8,000 Vickers
Non-ferrous, metals, aluminum, graphite, green ceramics
Requires 6% cobalt carbide for application